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To African Grill and Bar. We have Restaurants in two convenient locations in the Denver Metro Area which are reflective of the true culture of our motherland. We are delighted to serve and treat you to our finest, all natural ingredients from the continent of Africa. The diversity of our cuisines reflect the local traditional choices of ingredients and the preparation styles and techniques in cooking of a variety of foods from various countries: West, South, East, Central and North of Africa.

As a matter of course, our food is NOT spicy though you may request it that way!

Africa: a mini food tour

North Africa

Influenced by traders, travelers and immigrants such as the Berbers, who brought such staples as couscous and semolina, we are proud to represent our cousins in the continent north.

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West Africa

Notable for its reliance on starchy foods, West African food features exotic spices including chili peppers which were a European introduction. Seafood, cattle and goat are the featured stars of protein. We prepare these for you non spicy.

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East/Central Africa

Largely free of early culinary influences from the outside world, Central African cooking has remained mostly traditional. Staples from here feature Cassava, Plantains and Peanuts as the main ingredients. East African cuisine by contrast reflects its Arab influences in addition to a traditional reliance on grains and vegetables which we find in such dishes as Ugali.

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South Africa

Often referred to as "food in Technicolor" cuisine from this region blends many of its cultural influences; from the Dutch and Portuguese to Malay and Indian cultures.

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If you have been to visit us once, you are probably already planning your next visit. Please ask us about our Punchcard discount!

We offer other discounts too!

  • School groups (over age 10), Book Clubs and Church Groups can receive a 10% discount for any purchase over $15
  • In appreciate for our service folks, Military, Police and Fire Department Personnel receive a 10% discount for any purchase over $15
  • And because we love to travel, we would like to welcome travel staff coming through the airport at DIA! Flight Attendants and Pilots can receive a 10% discount for any purchase over $15!M

SIDE ATTRACTIONS (Green Valley Ranch Location Only)

Weekend Grill (BBQ): patio grill of your favorite fish, ribs, oxtail & others every Friday, Saturday & Sunday

African Dance Night: Listen, Tap and dance to good African, African American and Caribbean music from various DJ's every Friday and Saturday night. Time:10pm to 2am

Happy Hour (Drumming/African music): Drink beer and wine from Africa, root drink, palm wine, bitters and many more.


Now open on airport road!

In Aurora


1010 S Peoria St. Aurora, CO 80012
Phone#: 720.949.0784


11am – 10pm M-S and closed on Sunday

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In Denver


18601 Green Valley Ranch Blvd #100 Denver, CO 80249 - 48th & Tower
Phone#: 303.375.7835


11am – 10pm M-S and closed on Sunday